Top 7 New AI Apps to be Released in 2023


In addition to ChatGPT and Midjourney, there are 8 cutting-edge AI applications that have been recently launched in 2023 to assist users in creative activities such as music composition, comic creation, email management, and video production.

While the “ChatGPT fever” has gradually subsided, a series of AI applications continue to emerge to provide exciting experiences for users. Most of the popular applications today, such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Midjourney, focus on text generation and image design features.

However, major technology players and even smaller companies have also implemented AI to create various tools with more diverse and appealing functionalities, such as interior design, music composition, distinguishing between chatbots and humans, and more. Let’s explore these 8 “unique” AI applications in the following article!

1. Schrodi: Children’s Storytelling Creative Tool

In the past, users had to draw by hand or use various tools to create children’s stories, which consumed a lot of time. Now, the Schrodi app can assist users in creating stories more quickly.

Users need to access their Gmail account to begin the creative process. First, name the main character in the story. Users can choose any name they want and select a genre. The tool supports 4 genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller, and Science Fiction.

Steps to create a story in Schrodi
Steps to create a story in Schrodi

Users can provide more details about the desired content, arrange additional characters to enhance the plot understanding for the machine learning technology.

Next, users will choose an illustration style, such as watercolor, animation, 3D, or cinema. After a few minutes, users can read the story they’ve created, customize details like plot elements, characters, cover colors, and download the story as a PDF to share with friends and family.

This user-friendly tool is designed to be accessible to parents, teachers, and caregivers, not requiring advanced technical skills. Note that each Gmail account can only be used to create one story. Users can also access the application’s Discord page to ask questions and interact with other users.

A story slide composed by Schrodi AI

2. Piggy: Content Creation for Mobile Phones

Launched three years ago, Piggy is an AI-based content creation app that supports users in generating content from text segments in the most suitable format for mobile devices. Interestingly, the content created on the app is called “Piggy”.

To use the app for the first time, users need to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Upon opening the app, users need to enter their email address and confirm the link received in the email sent by Piggy.

Piggy's interface
Piggy’s interface

After completing the registration process, users can input the content they want into the search box. For example, typing “How to learn faster?” will prompt Piggy to start creating content in a 9:16 format for easy reading on mobile phones. Users can scroll up and down to view each image and get a more detailed understanding of the content.

The app saves information so that users can access and review it anytime. Additionally, users can download information in the form of images or videos.

3. Wochit: Short Video Creation

Wochit is a leading video creation company and a partner of major media companies like Business Insider Germany, Burda, and LOCALiQ. In March 2023, the company officially launched a short video creation tool using ChatGPT’s AI technology, called Wochit Wizard.
With Wochit Wizard, users can easily create videos with just a few simple descriptive words.

Wochit's homepage

The tool automatically generates scripts, incorporates effects, graphics, and music to produce high-quality videos. After completing the creation process, Wochit Wizard sends the video link to the user’s email.

Video after completing the creative process
Video after completing the creative process

However, if the video created by Wochit Wizard doesn’t meet the user’s expectations, they can click the “Edit” button to adjust the text, arrange images, video duration, and more.
Before the wide release, Wochit allowed some customers to experience and gather feedback. Based on this feedback, the development team aimed to improve the tool’s quality. Now, users can freely use Wochit Wizard to create professional videos at no cost.

4. MusicLM by Google: Music Composition

MusicLM is an AI-based music composition tool developed by Google, which took 28,000 hours to create. This tool enables users to create music based on textual descriptions. Even without being a professional artist, users can generate catchy and interesting sounds by inputting keywords, describing emotions, or specifying musical elements.

Similar to Wochit Wizard, MusicLM was initially released as a trial version for a limited number of users. After adjusting features based on user feedback, the tool was officially launched. Users can choose from various music genres such as classical, rock, electronic, jazz, or even experiment with combinations. MusicLM provides a creative space for users to experience music creation.

Steps to compose music on AI MusicLM
Steps to compose music on A.I MusicLM

However, users should note that certain music-related requests or requests involving a specific artist’s voice may not be fulfilled due to copyright reasons. Currently, the app is only available on the Apple Store and has attracted over 100,000 downloads.

5. Human Or Not: Distinguishing Humans from Chatbots

“Human Or Not” is produced by Kiplio, and since its launch in mid-April 2023, it has received more than 15 million plays within the app. It challenges users to differentiate between images created by humans and AI through puzzles.

Key features of the app include fun puzzles to test users’ ability to distinguish images, exploring the captivating world of AI-generated artworks, and the ability to interact with the “Human Or Not” chatbot for support throughout the experience.

The interface of the Human Or Not application
The interface of the Human Or Not application

Due to the strong development of “Human Or Not,” Al21 Labs has conducted research on the app’s results. Based on two million gameplays by users worldwide, the company concluded that only 32% of users could accurately distinguish between AI and humans.

6. Fotor AI Interior Design: Interior Design Tool

Fotor is an AI-powered text-to-image creation platform. According to developers, the app has been trained on millions of popular internet images. As a result, the platform can understand user requests through text. However, the more detailed the description, the more effective the results.

With Fotor AI Interior Design, users can optimize room design by uploading images of their own space. Fotor will automatically create designs based on the user’s room structure. For example, if a user types a request like “a room designed with a universe concept,” Fotor will design a room based on the user’s preferences.

Fotor AI Interior Design

However, users should note that the free account allows only 2 uses. The app offers different subscription packages, such as Fotor Pro for $3.33/month or Fotor Pro+ for $7.49/month, which provide additional features like Gmail inbox sorting, time-based email organization, pinning important emails, responding with emojis and GIFs, and forwarding meeting-related emails to

7. Extrapolate: Seeing Yourself 20 Years in the Future

Age is a sensitive issue for many people, and they often wonder what they will look like 20 years from now. Extrapolate, a tool that does not require Photoshop or complex procedures, reveals this in just 2 to 3 minutes.

Users simply need to access the website and upload their image. The tool will take a few minutes to process. After completion, users will see an animated image depicting the aging process. While sometimes the image might be a bit unsettling, it’s an interesting way for users to satisfy their curiosity about their appearance in the future.

Seeing Yourself 20 Years in the Future with AI

Currently, Extrapolate is available for free. Users’ images will be stored on the website for 24 hours before being automatically deleted.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI applications. These eight innovative tools introduced in 2023 showcase the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

From storytelling and content creation to music composition and email management. These applications redefine user experiences, empowering individuals to explore their creativity, simplify tasks, and glimpse into the future. As technology continues to advance, these unique AI tools exemplify the transformative potential that AI holds across diverse domains.

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