Color Combinations Everyone is Wearing This Summer in 2023


Experimenting with new color combinations is the easiest way to change your look this year.

As summer takes center stage, colors take the spotlight in everyone’s wardrobes. The plethora of options can make it challenging to discover the perfect color combinations that dominate both fashion runways and our beloved influencers’ Instagram feeds.

From bold mixtures of blue and orange to unexpected pairings of contrasting hues, this year offers an abundance of choices for embracing vibrant colors.

Neutral Blend

Incorporating a combination of neutrals offers a minimalist approach to infuse texture, depth, and individuality into your wardrobe without going overboard. This particular color scheme effortlessly allows for experimentation by blending essential wardrobe staples.

While it has traditionally been discouraged to mix cool and warm-toned neutrals, the combination of browns and grays exudes unparalleled sophistication. Fashion icon Anok Yai flawlessly showcased this trend on her Instagram, effortlessly combining a rich army green overlay skirt, an opaque tan geometric top, and knee-high brown boots.

Photos via Instagram/ rubylyn_
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By mixing different neutrals, you can effortlessly add dimension to your ensemble, offering a relaxed alternative to the monochrome look that has dominated in previous years.

Orange & Blue

When it comes to color combinations, pairing orange and blue creates a striking and harmonious contrast. Vibrant orange has become a go-to choice among celebrity It girls, and when combined with the serene shade of blue, it offers the perfect balance between intensity and tranquility.

With blue dominating the fashion scene in 2023, juxtaposing this timeless color with the boldness of orange presents an exciting opportunity to explore fun color combinations.

Iris Law, the iconic daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, embraced this trend by donning a button-down baby blue shirt paired with an orange silk skirt. To add depth and texture to her ensemble, she incorporated a cream vest, creating a multidimensional outfit.

This color combination not only captures attention but also showcases an innovative approach to incorporating contrasting colors into your personal style.

Photos via Instagram/ lirisaw

Purple & Black

Combining vibrant colors with black is a tried and true concept in fashion, but recently, the black and purple combination has gained popularity among fashion-forward individuals. The richness of both colors is elevated when they are paired together, resulting in a visually stunning combination.

The complementary nature of black and purple further enhances their depth, creating a captivating and sophisticated look. This color pairing is effortlessly chic, as black is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

At the Versace Fall/Winter 2023 show, Devon Lee Carlson, the founder of Wildflower Cases, sported a stylish ensemble featuring a black bra, sky-high stilettos, and a purple blouse, skirt, and hobo bag. Similarly, model Jordan Daniels made a statement on the runway of Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Spring/Summer 2023 show with a purple and black lingerie set.

Undoubtedly, the pairing of purple and black has become an iconic choice for those seeking a bold and fashionable look.

Photos via Instagram/ devonleecarlson
Photos via Instagram/ jordandaniels_

Lime Green & Gray

Lime green made a significant impact during the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion week, becoming a go-to color choice. Combining this vibrant and exaggerated hue with gray creates a harmonious balance that tones down the boldness of lime green.

Designers like Fendi and Collina Strada showcased bright lime green on their runways, emphasizing its popularity. When paired with a muted gray, lime green shines even brighter than before.

Notably, fashion icon Bella Hadid effortlessly showcased this color combination by sporting a lime green sweatsuit complemented by a muted gray-toned puffer jacket, perfectly exemplifying the trend. Other fashion influencers have also embraced this exciting color pairing, making it a must-try combination for this year.

Photos via Instagram/ bellahadid
Photos via Instagram/ rubylyn_

Light Blue & Gray

Blue has undeniably been the standout color of 2023, making its presence felt on the runways of renowned fashion houses such as Fendi, Hermès, and Givenchy. Powder blue, in particular, has captured the essence of this year’s trends.

In keeping with the calming and refreshing nature of blue, gray perfectly complements this look. The combination of light blue and gray creates a muted yet effortless color pairing that is ideal for the spring season.

During Milan Fashion Week, Sydney Carlson made a striking statement by wearing a muted blue mesh bell sleeve shirt adorned with gray cross studding at the Blumarine Fall/Winter 2023 show.

Emily Ratajkowski also embraced the luminous appeal of this color combination, donning a sheer sky blue dress paired with gray underwear at the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. These captivating ensembles showcase the inherent ease and elegance of the blue and gray color combination.

Photos via Instagram/ sydneylynncarlson
Photos via Instagram/ emrata

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Red & Blue

The timeless combination of primary colors, red and blue, holds its allure for good reason. This pairing is particularly suited for athletic wear, as it effortlessly exudes a sporty vibe.

Tomato red took center stage in the fashion season, making a bold statement in collections by Ferragamo, Victoria Beckham, and Courrèges. When paired with a navy hue reminiscent of the night sky, red enhances the athletic aesthetic.

Influencer Ruby Lyn elevated the sporty color combination by incorporating a sophisticated point-toe shoe into her ensemble.

EmRata, known for her effortless style, effortlessly showcased the casual appeal of this combination with bright blue Adidas sweatpants and a red turtleneck in a candid Instagram moment. The red and blue combination is a perfect choice for a laid-back day, adding a touch of vibrancy to any casual outfit.

Photos via Instagram/ sydneylynncarlson
Photos via Instagram/ rubylyn_
Photos via Instagram/ emrata


Trying out new color combinations is a fun and easy way to freshen up your look this summer. From mixing neutrals to pairing vibrant colors, there are endless possibilities to explore.

Whether you opt for a neutral blend, experiment with orange and blue, or embrace the richness of purple and black, these color combinations can elevate your style.

Don’t be afraid to play with lime green and gray, light blue and gray, or the timeless pairing of red and blue. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the vibrant energy of these color combinations for a fashionable summer.